The best pasta recipes for lockdown

It’s easy to see why so many of us are turning to pasta right now. Panic buyers – you’ll find no judgement here. Pasta is the food of holiday memories and what we cook to relive the flavours of our travels. It’s dumping a handful in a pot as we rush in the door, knowing it’s the easiest thing to cook in the house. Or the simple joy of grating the final flourish of parmesan onto a heaped platter of bolognaise, hungry anticipation on faces around the table. With friends and family largely absent right now, I’m grateful for a lifetime of pasta memories. There’s a pasta for every day and more importantly, every state of mind.

For an easy recipe that will use up the dregs of your fridge, I suggest pasta with chopped ham, brocolli, nutmeg and rocket. It is satisfying, substitute-able and delicious. If you want something slightly more refined, keep reading.

The best way to cook spaghetti… probably.

Carbonara is a doddle to make; providing you don’t scramble the eggs of course! But I have a tip to easily avoid this. On the effort to results ratio, it scores highly and for a greedy person like me, this is important. Using only a handful of ingredients that you probably have in the fridge, you can knock up the best of Roman comfort food in less than 15 minutes.

Three of the best carbonara recipes

From bacon (or guanciale if you want to be a real Roman) to sausage to a lemony courgette version, take your pick from the best carbonaras below.

Pasta with vongole / Spaghetti with clams

Everyone’s favourite. You’ll find the recipe here.

Making fresh pasta at home

I suspect we all have a disaster story when it comes to fresh pasta. It looks so easy when they make it on TV, until the night you have friends coming over and you’re watching the clock while wrestling a dough thick enough to insulate your external wall. Yet, making pasta from scratch is one of the most satisfying things to do in the kitchen. You just need to be kind to yourself and set low expectations. With time and patience comes enjoyment and let’s face it, if we are going to have time to make pasta, it’s now.

Making pasta with eggs in Umbria

Time with professional pasta makers (ie. Italians) confirmed my suspision that you don’t need a pasta maker. It’s also possible to make good pasta at home from just flour (semola, specifically) and water. Pasta made with eggs is still my preference though.

A recipe for making fresh pasta with eggs, no pasta machine required

Using eggs and 00 flour (preferably, but noone will admonish you for using regular flour), you can create your own pasta and kill some time too! No machinery required, just strong hands, a rolling pin and patience.

Find the recipe here.

Breaking eggs into a flour crator.
A recipe for fresh pasta made from water and semola

You can also make pasta without eggs. This pasta made from a flour called semola (different to semonlina FYI) which has excellent bite and is perfect for rich, hearty sauces. To do this, just replace the eggs with water when you make the dough with semola flour, it is that simple.

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